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NVA-88 speaker modification

Modification NVA-88 (filtres BF).


With some passives components you can obtain a best sound quality.
The object is to add 3 "Low Pass" and 3 "High Pass" filters.

The broadcasts audibility is cleanly improved, particularly in AM mode.

Here are the proposed improvements :
There are the new commands :
The schematic diagram is simple and effective :

(All the values are calculated for a 4 Ohms speaker,
for 8 Ohms, multiply by 2 the coils value,
and divide by 2 the capacitors value).

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Dismantle the speaker :

Pierce the back side for the RCA plugs :

(The 100 Ohms R2 resistor is soldered on the INPUT 2 RCA).

Carefully cut the front side and the grille :

The capacitors and the coils are soldered on a small circuit, others components are directly soldered on the switches :

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F4EZC [email protected]